Friday, 27 August 2010

i got my brace off.....!!!

Yesterday i FINALLY got my brace off. I have been waiting almost two years for that!!! and i gotta say, my teeth look goood... so good that my parents keep teasing me that i have dentures... but i am soo glad that that nightmare is over- well the parts where i had to lie in a squeaky dental chair and have some middle aged man with rotten teeth put what feels like all of his weight into pushing those stupid brackets onto my poor teeth.and then there was the lovely few weeks every three months after a tighting i have to suck noodles through a straw.
right now i'm trevisiting the past with my reading now, going back to these books that i first read when i was about 11 or 12. and they're just as good as i remember them! they're called the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by michelle Paver, and althought they're not my usual taste, i am enjoying the series. i would reccomend them to vampire lovers looking for something different!

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