Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Recently we realised that to look good on college applications it helped to have some past times other than lying in bed and reading and eating gargantuan amounts of white chocolate. So what did we come up with... a blog! Lord knows why me and my best friend may decided that the internet was in desperate need to have an insight into some of the wierd thoughts that pass through our brain- but we didn't see how it could hurt. I mean, other than our fingers if we get a tad too typey. To be honest, there is no real theme to what this blog is about... but i may go on a little about different books i constantly read (and which may steals from me afterward).
So, basically, this thang is just us two wittering on about all the strange thoughts that often seem to occupy our heads. me and may have been best friends for... well, too long... even though i love her, we don't sgree on everthing. Like her wierd taste for middle-aged men's films and beef jerky. And some may call our debates 'arguements'- but that's just the combination of two stubborn teenage girls with differing opinions.
Finally, i just want to end by saying.... hi! I'm faye... a girl who loooves art, reading, white choccie and being right. It sounds bad... but soo true.

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  1. Hi Faye,

    So what colleage do you want to go to?

    P.s. love you too :D