Wednesday, 25 August 2010

faye again!

I just wanted to talk about these books, the Generation Dead series, by Daniel Waters. I love these books!... not only are they regfreshingly non-vampire, but they still have those dark romances that we loove. And it also backs up May and I's theory that most good story from this day and age are basically ripping off Romeo and Juliet (basically forbidden romance). 
Here Water's manages to create a great story for us romance lovers while still managing to include some very political and potent points about the differing treatment of newly introduced and feared races into society. And if you're wondering what on earth i'm talking about, the basis of the story is about how recently dead teenagers are raising out of their graves and trying to fit in (zombies in high school... nice), and how people, understandably, start being a little creeped out about the dead teens wandering the streets.
But my absolute favourite character has to be Adam, the jock who's secretly in love with the goth girl, who's chasing after the dead boy. He's like a Toby (double cross), Iain (the host), Tristan (kissed by an angel), all rolled into one cutely vunerable but protective, handsome, sensitive boy type that doesn't seem to exist in real life. Saying that, dead boy Tommy seems pretty nice but has questionable motives. But I've only read two of the books and i reeaally want to know what happens in the third one!!! Why does no where seem to have it in stock???
And i was wondering, why does America seem to have all the best book covers? Whenever I see the books that i read on American websites they all seem to have much more interesting covers, while we always get stuck with... flowers!! Big surprise...

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