Saturday, 28 August 2010

i got more books... oops

well many would say (well...mainly my parents) that i have plenty of books...but how can you have too many books???? but anyway, i managed to spend about £42 just on books- and i don't really have that kind of money to spend! and that was amazon, instead of my usual waterstones, trying to save a few pennies. but my hoard included A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn and the third Generation Dead book... so i'm happy!

and right now another thing i really want is a straw pork pie hat- i love them but i cannot find them anywhere!!! i'd also love a chunky knit jumper, so i'm watching ebay for one of them... but today on my shopping trip i managed to get me a nice knit waistcoat and some black brogue-alikes and i'm gonna replace the laces with ribbon....nice.
so, anyhoo....we need followers, people!!!

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