Tuesday, 28 September 2010

the most inspired idea eveeerrrr!!!

me and my fellow pingu- worshiper holly thought of the best idea ever.... while we were trying to think of what to do for art :S
anyhoo, this seriously awesome idea is just a click away.....

love it!!!!

Friday, 24 September 2010

i hate art homework!!!

how the hell did i convince myself that taking art was a good idea???
we're suppose to of started our final pieces for one of the last of our coursework titles, and i have hardly done any of the research :S
and i would be getting on with it.... but i have no idea what i'm going to do every idea i have sounds dull...but this is like the worst title ever!! 'a sense of place and time'... scusa???? and seeing  nearly everyone else in my art class is doing all these arty and amazing and creative masterpieces juat makes me even more stressed out!!!
but lucky me... i have a 'special session' with my art teacher after school on tuesday..... joy. why won't tuesday come quicker. my heart aches....

Thursday, 23 September 2010

autumnal equinox today, really interesting right?? I deduct that this means it's time to break out the dark nail varnish colours, the navy's, black's and deep purple's. 
Imagine if I went to school with this make-up on, pretty cool huh (:

Saturday, 18 September 2010


well i know that may is supposed to do films... but this isn't really about the film. anyway, yesterday we went to see the film Devil which had just been released and we were in a cinema screen which was tiny and there are hardly any seats...
but anyhoo the film was about these people trapped in a lift and one of them was the devil who killed the others when the lights went out. and so i was reaalllyyy creeped out in there.... and when may left for a pee i was practically crapping myself- and through practically the whole of the stupid movie as there was practically NO ONE else at that screen and i could just see it turning into a similar situation....
in retrospect, the film wasn't that scary.

i'm crapping myself just looking at that...

Saturday, 11 September 2010

105 days until christmas!!!!!

well can i just start off by saying.... the converse do not go with everything. sometimes, they are ok. BUT NOT ALL THE BLOODY TIME!!!! seriously, someone has issues.....
and that certain someone also didn't have the decency to tell me that she was going to nandos with her family and then scare the life out of me when she appears like an apparition next to our table....
but, anyhoo... it's almost christmas!!! and my friend holly dug out this poem that me and her wrote years ago...
it's totally awesome check it out!!!!

the converse :)

ha well nandos was intresting (: guess who is potted there, just guess. And i ge free refills-my kinda place.
I just want everyone to acknowledge the fact that the best invention in the world is the converse. I do believe it workswith just about everything. There is someone however who may not agree to this but do not listen to her and her pearly white, they do go with eveything and i love them....

Thursday, 9 September 2010

no pizza hut??!! :(

i just wanna say that looking in mouths would be fun if the were as perfect as mine are now ;)
i just watched the eastenders where the queen vic is set on fire. and can i just say... what the hell. and talking of cameras... well may was... i really want a digital slr camera!!! they are at least about £600 for a quality one- and i don't have that kind of money!! and the annoying thing is that we have an old slr camera in our loft, a variety of lenses and everything- but it's so old that they don't make the film for it so i can't even take any photos...
i wish i was born 200 years ago...

just to correct faye, staring into one's teeth isn't all that pleasurable. Sure i get free coffee but what's the fun in that when i can't even drink it. Well ramadan finished today and Eid is tomorrow which im looking forward to. And before you ask Faye we are not going to pizza hut-however much we love it.

may x
p.s my camera stopped working which sucks

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

work, work, work...

well this week we are busy on work experience- and while may is making cups of tea and sitting on her ass at the dentist, i have to spend all day chasing after little brats at the nursery.
and i gotta say, even after two days even the 'sweet' sound of three-year-olds laughter starts to grate at your ears. but some of them have been rather sweet. and there's this one boy, alfie, who loves to drag me everywhere by the thum and likes a good bit of repetition. 'no, i can't see you... where could've alfie gone???' 'oh, look there's spot the dog... i'd never of guessed that even after the other ten times i found him....' 'how clever are you, finishing that puzzle? oh, your taking the pieces out again.. what a surprise...'
and so it continues.

and there's this other boy, who i've nicknamed gollum. becuase his voice and characteristics are very like his, except more hyper and annoying. and i've had to of had to stop about five little girls from crying after he's passed with his little whirlwind of annoyance.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Friday, 3 September 2010

and so the weekend has dawned upon us (:
going camping tomorrow hopefully-in my best friends garden with farmer fred, gonna be a wild experiance. right now im reading to kill a mocking bird which so far seem nice but a bit wacky. if faye's reading my lovely blog then she will realise that ive bought her some toffee popcorn, the only popcorn she dares to eat, and yes from the fabulous aldi.

p.s i love you

Thursday, 2 September 2010

so many books, so little time...

it's the last day of the holidays- and i have six books that i haven't had a chanc o read yet!!! i need more time... who would want to go to school when you can lay in bed and read???
anyhoo, i just sorted my books out cos i'm going to try some of the ones that i don't read much anymore to pay for all the new books that i want. and when i got all my books out they covered the whole of my bedroom floor!! but at least now i can find the books that i want, even though i probably STILL won't have enough time for reading.....