Tuesday, 7 September 2010

work, work, work...

well this week we are busy on work experience- and while may is making cups of tea and sitting on her ass at the dentist, i have to spend all day chasing after little brats at the nursery.
and i gotta say, even after two days even the 'sweet' sound of three-year-olds laughter starts to grate at your ears. but some of them have been rather sweet. and there's this one boy, alfie, who loves to drag me everywhere by the thum and likes a good bit of repetition. 'no, i can't see you... where could've alfie gone???' 'oh, look there's spot the dog... i'd never of guessed that even after the other ten times i found him....' 'how clever are you, finishing that puzzle? oh, your taking the pieces out again.. what a surprise...'
and so it continues.

and there's this other boy, who i've nicknamed gollum. becuase his voice and characteristics are very like his, except more hyper and annoying. and i've had to of had to stop about five little girls from crying after he's passed with his little whirlwind of annoyance.

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