Tuesday, 31 August 2010

'I am two and two. I am hot. I am cold.
I'm the parent of numbers that cannot be told.
I'm a gift beyond measure, a matter of course.
And i'm yielded with pleasure-when taken by force'
'you are the thunder and I am the lightning'

Monday, 30 August 2010

30/08/10 its food time (:

right now i am still waiting to have my breckfast lunch and dinner alllllllllllllllllllllll rolled into one and rght now i am bored and hungry and there's still an hour to go :/ so at night our food table looks like this-and when we are completely stuffed i turn to the books faye lent me. right now im on the forbidden game and i absoultly love it, and Julian-it's just something about those dark, evil mysterious types.

p.s iloveyou

books you can't miss...

i've read an aweful lot of book in my time, and whilst they have all been good in their own way, i thought that it would be good if i were to do a list of the top seven books that i think any teenage girl HAS to read....

1. Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

this series has been my favourite for years... and still every time i read it amazes me. a great story about a world were the inferior 'noughts' are ruled and tormented by the powerful 'Crosses'- a modern day twist on black and white segregation. this story follows the stories of Callum and Sephy as they try to regain their friendship against all odds.

2. Beastly by Alex Flinn

although some may say that this story is a horrible cleche, i think that it exerts a certain charm which makes you want to read on anyway. this modern take on the classic story, beauty and the Beast, is trying to push the message down our throats that we'd been told by our mothers ever since we got zits or specs or braces- 'it's what's oin the inside that counts.'
but still- i can't resist a good romance.

3. Shiver by Maggie Striefvater

more werewolves. but i can't resist Sam!

4. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

before i read this i was put off by the hard language and seemingly tedious storyline. but once you get into this, you get used to the language, even though at times the plot can still be rather unexciting. still, the lure of the period eventually pulls you in.

5. Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

i didn't really expect to like this, but you really get into it and it always leaves you wanting more. and yet another edorable young male hero stole my heart.

6. Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver

these books are  different from the usual and i love them for it.

7. Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler

this book is pretty good, and i especially love Chandler's style of writing. it's a love story with a bit of mystery and supernatural mixed in- which manages to hold your riveted attention till the very last page.

basically, these are all the things that many romantic's dream of happening to them- but at least we can live other people's stories throught thier eyes....

keep dreaming!!!

p.s. it's spelt meringue, me lovely.
ohmg-i have just found out that faye has bought a book i am dying to read. For some reason i have been very involved in baking this past month-which really consisted of baking everyday. i have to admit sometimes the food i make isn't edible but sometimes its really good and tasty (: if i do say so myself. Today i have decided to make merangues-whoch i have been told i can't spell. I do have to admti thought it is becoming costly for my ingrediants, whoops.

I admit mine would never look like these-but maybe close. Anyone got any good recipes because feel free to share...

may x

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Saturday, 28 August 2010

i got more books... oops

well many would say (well...mainly my parents) that i have plenty of books...but how can you have too many books???? but anyway, i managed to spend about £42 just on books- and i don't really have that kind of money to spend! and that was amazon, instead of my usual waterstones, trying to save a few pennies. but my hoard included A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn and the third Generation Dead book... so i'm happy!

and right now another thing i really want is a straw pork pie hat- i love them but i cannot find them anywhere!!! i'd also love a chunky knit jumper, so i'm watching ebay for one of them... but today on my shopping trip i managed to get me a nice knit waistcoat and some black brogue-alikes and i'm gonna replace the laces with ribbon....nice.
so, anyhoo....we need followers, people!!!

Friday, 27 August 2010

i got my brace off.....!!!

Yesterday i FINALLY got my brace off. I have been waiting almost two years for that!!! and i gotta say, my teeth look goood... so good that my parents keep teasing me that i have dentures... but i am soo glad that that nightmare is over- well the parts where i had to lie in a squeaky dental chair and have some middle aged man with rotten teeth put what feels like all of his weight into pushing those stupid brackets onto my poor teeth.and then there was the lovely few weeks every three months after a tighting i have to suck noodles through a straw.
right now i'm trevisiting the past with my reading now, going back to these books that i first read when i was about 11 or 12. and they're just as good as i remember them! they're called the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by michelle Paver, and althought they're not my usual taste, i am enjoying the series. i would reccomend them to vampire lovers looking for something different!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

so this summer, both me and faye attempted to get 6-packs because we all know that they are so hot ;) all you have to do is look at taylor latuner and you've already fallen for him. People say looks aren't everything-they are if you look like him.

so me and Faye agreeded that she does books, since she is my library and i actually have 15 of her books in my room waiting to be read when i have a spare moment and i do films. If anyone is debating on what to watch in the cineam, Inception is an amazing movie. Who wouldn't love a movie with the guy from 500 days of summer in it.

I WANT TO GO TO V!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we got a few of our results from our GCSE's. I mean, both me and May both did pretty well.... but two of our friends (who didn't do as well as us... no offense guys) got tickets from their parents for next years V festival!!!! I CANNOT express how jealous I am!!! Why can't my parents be as generous??! Maybe if they got divorced at least then I could get them as a guilt present....
Or they could at least get me a minature pig :'(
sooo cute....

faye again!

I just wanted to talk about these books, the Generation Dead series, by Daniel Waters. I love these books!... not only are they regfreshingly non-vampire, but they still have those dark romances that we loove. And it also backs up May and I's theory that most good story from this day and age are basically ripping off Romeo and Juliet (basically forbidden romance). 
Here Water's manages to create a great story for us romance lovers while still managing to include some very political and potent points about the differing treatment of newly introduced and feared races into society. And if you're wondering what on earth i'm talking about, the basis of the story is about how recently dead teenagers are raising out of their graves and trying to fit in (zombies in high school... nice), and how people, understandably, start being a little creeped out about the dead teens wandering the streets.
But my absolute favourite character has to be Adam, the jock who's secretly in love with the goth girl, who's chasing after the dead boy. He's like a Toby (double cross), Iain (the host), Tristan (kissed by an angel), all rolled into one cutely vunerable but protective, handsome, sensitive boy type that doesn't seem to exist in real life. Saying that, dead boy Tommy seems pretty nice but has questionable motives. But I've only read two of the books and i reeaally want to know what happens in the third one!!! Why does no where seem to have it in stock???
And i was wondering, why does America seem to have all the best book covers? Whenever I see the books that i read on American websites they all seem to have much more interesting covers, while we always get stuck with... flowers!! Big surprise...

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I also forgot on my other blog that Faye isn't joking about being right, which just so happens to be most the time in our so called debates.

may x

p.s i love you (n_n)
As you can see Faye has already beat me to the first post or blog-although i did say she can :)
Faye too is my best friend for let me just say tooo long, but I am absoultly loving this girl (and not in a lesbian way). haha sounds really corny but i cant say anything else except that we both share a love or should i say raging passion (creative i know) for white chocolate. Here on our blog we are just goning to pass the time till we leave home for uni, writing about the weird and wonderful thoughts in our heads, because you see, we are a unique pair. If you haven't yet realised i'm May and my blogs are going to be in the lovely colour green because its my absolute favourite colour. 

so ta ra for know because i have run out of things to say (:


Recently we realised that to look good on college applications it helped to have some past times other than lying in bed and reading and eating gargantuan amounts of white chocolate. So what did we come up with... a blog! Lord knows why me and my best friend may decided that the internet was in desperate need to have an insight into some of the wierd thoughts that pass through our brain- but we didn't see how it could hurt. I mean, other than our fingers if we get a tad too typey. To be honest, there is no real theme to what this blog is about... but i may go on a little about different books i constantly read (and which may steals from me afterward).
So, basically, this thang is just us two wittering on about all the strange thoughts that often seem to occupy our heads. me and may have been best friends for... well, too long... even though i love her, we don't sgree on everthing. Like her wierd taste for middle-aged men's films and beef jerky. And some may call our debates 'arguements'- but that's just the combination of two stubborn teenage girls with differing opinions.
Finally, i just want to end by saying.... hi! I'm faye... a girl who loooves art, reading, white choccie and being right. It sounds bad... but soo true.